Data Analysis and Modeling Tools

Community Dynamics Metrics (CODYN)

An R package for analyzing long-term ecological community datasets.

DataONE R Client

This tool provides seamless access from within the R system for statistical analysis to data and metadata held in the DataONE Federation of data repositories. Researchers can read data from any DataONE Member repository using its globally unique identifier, making it accessible within R scripts in a way that is portable across computers. Derived data can also be documented and uploaded to the KNB and other DataONE repositories that support data upload.


This reliable, open-source scientific workflow system enables scientists to design workflows and execute them efficiently. Researchers can mix together analysis and modeling steps that use a wide variety of computing engines, such as R, Matlab, and python. Kepler facilitates access to a broad range of ecologically relevant data that are housed in the KNB (Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity), while also providing a basis for sharing analyses through a library of executable components and workflows.