Computing Infrastructure Development

To enable open science, we make our data infrastructure available for use by other computing infrastructure developers.

Repository Development


Store and version data and associated metadata using a wide variety of standards. Specialized features guarantee local autonomy and access control, while also affording the possibility of broad-scale replication and information sharing as a Member Node in the DataONE network. Metacat servers are used as the basis of the KNB and DataONE networks, as well as many other repositories, including PISCOGulfWatch AlaskaTaiwan Ecological Research Network, and others.

Metacat UI

An open-source user interface for data repositories, currently used for the KNB respository, Arctic Data Center, DataONE federation, and other repositories.

Metadata Specifications

Ecological Metadata Language (EML)

A metadata specification for describing tabular (relational) datasets that are common in ecology and the environmental sciences. EML can be used in a modular and extensible manner to document ecological data, including a description of the purpose and contents of a dataset, methods used to collect it, people responsible for the data, and details of how to interpret data tables properly.

OBOE (Extensible Observation Ontology)

A semantic model designed to accurately describe observational data in sufficient detail to enable logic-based machine reasoning to help scientists with common research tasks, such as finding and merging datasets. Click here for the historical site.