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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

We maintain modern computing infrastructure and offer technological assistance for visiting and resident researchers, including wireless and wired networking, email, websites, shared file systems, a large library of scientific software, and well-equipped desktop systems throughout our facility.

Additional services are available upon request, and we can work with you to develop novel solutions to technical challenges you might encounter.

Contacts for Computing Support

For an overview of scientific computing and data science projects, as well as our tools and cyberinfrastructure development efforts, contact Matt Jones, director of informatics research and development.

For technological support and set up, contact Thomas Hetmank or visit him in Room 333. See also the Help Desk.

For orientation about data science and programming tools available to NCEAS affiliates, contact Julien Brun, our scientific programmer.

New working groups will be contacted about their computing requirements prior to their first visit. We will provide a brief introduction to our cyberinfrastructure and informatics during that first meeting. We are also available to assist working group leaders with publicizing data and technical products.

All NCEAS associates and visitors are welcome to email us at any time with questions or issues.