UC-TomKat Carbon Neutrality Strategic Communication

Principal Investigator(s): 

Dave Auston, Roger Bales, Fonna Forman, Lisa Leombruni

The University of California is not currently on target to meet the CNI’s 2025 carbon-neutrality goal with just UC-initiated on-campus measures. Plans to accelerate progress to meet the 2025 commitment will depend on physical measures on the campuses, incentives for emissions reductions, off-campus investments, and purchasing of offsets or other substitutes for fossil-fuel-based energy that campuses will continue to use after 2025.

To garner support for the necessary actions that will lead to UC achieving its carbon neutrality goals, the UC-TomKat Carbon Neutrality Strategic Communication working group will conduct research to inform a strategic communication plan for the University of California (UC).

The primary goal of this working group is to develop an inclusive, effective, cost-efficient plan for strategic communications to help UC achieve carbon neutrality in its campus operations and purchased energy (Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions) by 2025. The group specifically aims to develop a clearer understanding of UC audiences, identify potential barriers to implementation of actions proposed under the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative (CNI), and develop communication-related strategies to help overcome those barriers.

The working group has identified six task areas to advance: (1) synthesis and student engagement, (2) systems mapping and administrative analysis, (3) faculty audience analysis, (4) message and strategy testing, (5) barrier analysis, and (6) theory of change.

This project is made possible by a gift from the TomKat Foundation as well as supplemental funding from the University of California Office of the President.