Impacts by Activity

Cumulative human impact on the ocean results from the combination of each of nineteen individual stressors. Understanding the pattern and intensity of the individual stressors is therefore a key first step in the analyses. These results also provide important snapshots of the individual contribution of each stressor to the current condition of the ocean.

Demersal Destructive Fishing

Demersal Nondestructive High Bycatch Fishing

Demersal Nondestructive Low Bycatch Fishing

Ocean-based Pollution

Ocean Acidification

Pelagic High Bycatch Fishing

Pelagic Low Bycatch Fishing


Sea Surface Temperature


Artisanal Fishing

Direct Human Impact

Inorganic Pollution

Invasive Species

Light Pollution

Nutrient Pollution

Oil Rigs

Organic Pollution

Sea Level Rise