Our Commitment to Inclusivity in Science

We at NCEAS value the diversity of expertise, backgrounds, needs and experiences reflected among our residents and visitors. We are committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for everyone in our community.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity entails the following actions:

  • Creating spaces that are diverse and fair
  • Making science family friendly
  • Working toward equal gender representation in the sciences
  • Supporting the health and well-being of our scientists
  • Making our facilities accessible to all abilities

For more information on our intentions and expectations, please read our Code of Conduct.

We provide the following list of resources with the hope that they are useful and beneficial to the diverse individuals in our extended community. Some resources are general or simply informational; others are specific (e.g., third-party organizations that may help NCEAS visitors with unique needs, or resources provided by  UCSB). If you believe something is missing from this list or if you have other suggestions for how we can do more to create an inclusive environment at NCEAS, please nceas [at] nceas.ucsb.edu (contact us).

Diversity and Fairness: 

Family Friendliness

Gender Equality

Health and Well-Being

Accessibility at NCEAS (735 State St. Suite 300 Santa Barbara, CA)

  • The nearest ADA accessible parking spots are in the Paseo Nuevo parking lot, with elevators to the ground floor.
  • The building elevator does not run outside of business hours without a key. If you need a key to use the elevator, please let an NCEAS staff know.
  • Building ADA accessible bathrooms: the basement (women's) and 6th floor (men’s)