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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Transform the scope and pace of your research.

Our courses are short, but intensive introductions that will build your skills in a variety of data science topics, ranging from the basics of programming in a new language to advanced computing techniques. They are open to researchers and students from any discipline or sector.

As an innovator and leader in environmental data science, NCEAS offers access to experienced trainers, phenomenal resources, and an inclusive and interactive learning environment. And since our instructors are also actively advancing the field of data science, they are able to incorporate the latest advancements into the curriculum.

We offer courses at our location in Santa Barbara - and welcome locals and travelers alike! We can also arrange a customized training at your home institution by request. Due to COVID-19 we are currently developing remote course options.

Select Courses

  • Reproducible Research Techniques for Synthesis

    This five-day workshop gets researchers started on acquiring good data science skills to maximize their productivity, share their data with the scientific community effectively and efficiently, and benefit from the re-use of their data by others.

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  • Training at Your Institution

    We can lead fee-based trainings of varying durations on-site at your institution to enable your group to learn shared practices together, encourage maximum participation and group cohesion, and eliminate travel time from you.

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  • Open Science for Arctic Research and Data Management

    These trainings provide Arctic researchers with critical skills for the stewardship of data, software, and many other research products that are preserved at the NCEAS-operated Arctic Data Center. The trainings include an overview of best data management practices, data science tools, and concrete steps and methods for documenting and uploading data to the Arctic Data Center more easily. Support for this training series and its participants is provided by the National Science Foundation.

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Our Instructors

With their diverse backgrounds and extensive hands-on experience doing synthesis science, our trainers bring years of experience in environmental data science, data management, collaboration, and open science to our workshops.

Each workshop has 2-3 trainers in the room at all times. While one trainer teaches, others help debug errors and answer questions during hands-on exercises, ensuring no participant is left behind.