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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Master’s of Environmental Data Science (MEDS)

A professional degree program for skill building in environmental data science, management, analysis & visualization.

The Master of Environmental Data Science (MEDS) is a professional degree intended for students who would like to gain new skills in data science, management, analysis & visualization with a focus on environmental data and problems. The program is administered by UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management in partnership with the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS).

The MEDS degree is an 11-month program designed to provide students with depth and breadth in data science pertinent to jobs within the environmental field. Coursework includes training in programming, project management, spatial data analysis, machine learning, policy evaluation, data visualization, text and sentiment analysis, and more. The program begins with a six-week summer intensive session at NCEAS and ends with a two-quarter capstone group project for students to work with clients and apply what they learned in their courses to real-world problems and datasets.

By the end of the program, MEDS students will possess core knowledge of multiple programming languages, the ability to work on a technical team, experience working with a variety of data formats, and an understanding of how data science is used to communicate, analyze, and help solve environmental issues. Graduates will be prepared to work in technical roles within government agencies, NGOs, academic research, and private companies with an environmental focus. The program maintains an emphasis on job-readiness and provides students with career services to prepare them to enter the workforce directly from the program.

For more information about the program or how to apply please visit the MEDS program website.