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Two elephants at sunset
Photo by Mylon Ollila

In a historic public announcement, the Chinese government issued a list of notifications banning the sale and processing of ivory products by the end of 2017. The announcement, made at the end of December, comes in part thanks to the support and research done by the SNAPP Working Group The Economics of the Chinese Ivory Trade.

The Working Group has been examining the demand-side of the ivory trade system and researching implications of different policy measures, including ivory bans and moratoriums. Their research found that both Chinese public perception and stakeholders were in support of a governmental ban.

The group found participation from Chinese researchers and collaboration with the government to be instrumental in bringing about this policy agenda.

“I am very proud of my country for showing this leadership that will help ensure that elephants have a fighting chance to beat extinction. This is a gamechanger for Africa’s elephants.”

             - Aili Kang, Wildlife Conservation Society, SNAPP Co-Lead PI

The announcement includes a declaration to phase out the commercial sale of ivory products as well as options to encourage the transition of ivory carving artisans. Additionally, the Chinese government calls for greater collaboration with museums and increased education and enforcement actions to promote continued conservation efforts.


English Translation of the Announcement

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