Sustaining Alaskan Salmon

Due in large part to science-base management, the salmon fishery of Alaska is robust. However, climate change, ocean acidification, and human development are just a few of the growing threats to the sustainability of the Alaskan salmon fishery. Few resources exist to share interdisciplinary knowledge on the species that could help ensure the future health of the fishery. NCEAS has been awarded a grant to address this issue.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation awarded NCEAS $2.4 million in order to gain a better understanding of the ecological and social systems associated with salmon management in Alaska. In collaboration with Anchorage-based Nautilus Impact Investing, NCEAS will establish a series of expert Working Groups to work with Alaskan and national salmon experts to synthesize social, economic, and ecological information.

“An important goal of the project is to create the capacity for ongoing synthesis among Alaskan salmon constituencies and stakeholders. To that end, we will transfer some of NCEAS’s approach to synthesis and collaboration to the Alaskan salmon science community.”
                                                                             – Frank Davis, NCEAS Director

The Working Groups will create a knowledge base what will help stakeholders sustain the salmon system in Alaska. Through collaborations with Nautilus and salmon experts, these groups will create new insights and more easily accessible information for people dependent on Alaskan salmon.


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Photo courtesy of: Jason Ching


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Posted on May 10, 2016