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January 22, 2010

MPowering Ecologists: Community Assembly Tools for Community Assembly Rules
Joshua Ladau, Sadie J. Ryan
Online: Jan. 15, 2010

January 22, 2010

5th in "Top 9 of 2009" Publications in Phytopathology

Beyond Yield: Plant Disease in the Context of Ecosystem Services

M. R. Cheatham et al. The paper is a product of an NCEAS Distributed Graduate Seminar.



January 14, 2010

John L. Orrock, Martha S. Witter
Oikos 119(1) 101—108

January 5, 2010

New Global Data Access Network Funded by the National Science Foundation
Press Release
DataONE web site   

December 17, 2009

Robyn M. Borsuk, Lonnie W. Aarssen, Amber E. Budden, Julia Koricheva, Roosa Leimu, Tom Tregenza, and Christopher J. Lortie
BioScience 59(11) 985-989
Full Text

December 4, 2009

Olyana N. Grod, Christopher J. Lortie, and Amber E. Budden
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment e-View October 27, 2009

December 4, 2009

M. R. Cheatham et al.
Phytopathology 99(11) 1228-1236



December 4, 2009

Mark C. Urban and Luc De Meester
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Online Early September 9, 2009

December 4, 2009

Jennifer L. Williams
American Naturalist 174, 660–672




December 4, 2009

Lars O. Hedin, E.N.Jack Brookshire, Duncan N.L. Menge and Alex Barron
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics  40: 613-635 (December 2009)

December 4, 2009

Stacy M. Philpott et al.
Ecological Applications 19(7) 1858-1867

December 4, 2009

Stefano Allesina and Mercedes Pascual
PLoS Computational Biology 5(9) 2009
Full Text   BBC Interview   Nature News

November 18, 2009

Jacob Weiner, Lesley G. Campbell, Joan Pino and Laura Echarte
Journal of Ecology
97(6) 1220-1233

September 21, 2009

Johan Rockström et al.
Nature 461, pp. 472-475  

Full Text

A sample of the international media coverage of this study:
September 8, 2009

Scientists came together to evaluate the current state of worldwide fisheries, and propose solutions for rebuilding imperiled fish stocks.

Rebuilding Global Fisheries
Worm, B., Hilborn, R., Baum, J.K., Branch, T.A., Collie, J.S., Costello, C., Fogarty, M.J., Fulton, E.A., Hutchings, J.A., Jennings, S., Jensen, O.P., Lotze, H.K., Mace, P.M., McClanahan, T.R., Palumbi, S.R., Parma, A.M., Rikard, D., Rosenberg, A.A., Zeller, D. & Minto, C.
Science 325(5940), pp.578 – 585 (31 Jul 2009)

A sample of the international media coverage of this study:
New York Times: Study finds hope in saving saltwater fish
Reuters: World fisheries collapse can be averted - study
TIME Magazine: Can the world's fisheries survive our appetites?
The Guardian (UK): Fish for dinner: Overfishing easing in some areas
MSNBC: Sustainable seas? Overfishing easing in places
U.S. News & World Report: New hope for fisheries on the horizon?
BBC News (UK): Fresh hope for world's fisheries
USA Today: Survey: Edible fish won't disappear if overfishing stops
CBS News: Tide turning against overfishing
CNN: Fish stocks can recover if well managed, says study
The Economist: Plucked from the depths
National Public Radio (NPR): Scientists say some fish are recovering
The Times (UK): Fish will still be on the menu in 1948, if we are careful
The Hindu (India): Global curbs on overfishing are beginning to work
Discovery: New hope for world's fisheries
Miller-McCune: Can This Fishery Be Saved? Yes!

Descriptions of this research project and the related Distributed Graduate Seminar that produced this paper

More information about the research participants and other publications

Rebuilding Fisheries Website

September 8, 2009

Mary O'Connor: How Will Warmer Oceans Affect Sea Life?
By David Biello
Scientific American online August 25, 2009

Jennifer Balch: Burning Issues
The Economist online August 6th, 2009



August 4, 2009

Principal Investigator: Duncan Menge

This research project will provide a means to evaluate whether Nitrogen, Potassium, or both, control plant growth. The result will help to determine how much plants might contribute to mitigation of climate warming.

August 4, 2009

Nicholas J. Gotelli

Habitat for birds is disappearing quickly from the Earth's surface. This digital map library of the distributions of birds covers 4,273 species. The annotated maps are available as a free resource for conservationists, researchers and the public.

More information about this research project, participants and publications.



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