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July 31, 2008

Phanerozoic Trends in the Global Diversity of Marine Invertebrates
John Alroy, et al.
321 (5885) 97-100   Abstract
News of the Week

July 22, 2008

Exploring the Effects of Evolutionary History on Global Patterns of Diversity
Principal Investigator: Patrick R. Stephens

This research uses results of advances in molecular biology and computational techniques to explore the origins of large-scale patterns of species richness.

July 15, 2008

Current Trends in Plant and Animal Population Monitoring
David M. Marsh and Peter C. Trenham
Conservation Biology 22 (3) 647-655   Abstract

July 7, 2008

A Significant Upward Shift in Plant Species Optimum Elevation During the 20th Century
J. Lenoir, J.C. Gegout,
P.A. Marquet, et al.
Science 32 (5884) 1768-1771
June 25, 2008

Avian Community Structure and Incidence of Human West Nile Virus
John Swaddle 

Metrics of avian community structure and human incidence of West Nile Virus, select counties, eastern U.S.  See Swaddle and Calos, 2008

June 25, 2008

A Cross-system Synthesis of Consumer and Nutrient Resource Control on Producer Biomass
Daniel S. Gruner, et al.
Ecology Letters 11(7) 740-755  Abstract 


June 5, 2008

The Evolutionary Ecology of Metacommunities
Mark C. Urban, et al.
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 23(6) 311-317

June 4, 2008

Sediment Organic Carbon Burial in Agriculturally Eutrophic Impoundments Over the Last Century
J. A. Downing et al.
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
, 22, GB1018
Working Group


June 3, 2008

Parasites in Food Webs: The Ultimate Missing Links
Kevin D. Lafferty, Stefano Allesina et al.
Ecology Letters
11(6) 533-546
May 21, 2008

A General Model for Food Web Structure
Stefano Allesina, David Alonso, and Mercedes Pascual
Science 320(5876) Abstract

May 8, 2008

Sixty Years of Environmental Change in the World’s Largest Freshwater Lake--Lake Baikal, Siberia
Stephanie E. Hampton, Lyubov R. Izmest'eva, Marianne V. Moore, Stephen L. Katz, et al.  
Global Change Biology
14(8) 1947-1958

May 2, 2008

Lake Baikal Plankton
Lyubov Izmest'eva, Stephanie Hampton, Marianne Moore

Sixty year data set collected at 7-10 day intervals.  Analyzed and described in Hampton et al. 2008

May 1, 2008

NCEAS Founding & Interim Director Bill Murdoch Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Press release