Open Science for Synthesis: Gulf Research Program

Training in Open Science Enables Synthetic Science within the Gulf Research Program

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Borer-Drake Podcast

The Right Tools for Assessing How Protected Areas Benefit People

A team supported by the Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) has released new guidance to help practitioners assess the value of ecosystem services within important areas protected for nature conservation. They developed the report on behalf of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Commission on Protected Areas to support efforts to understand how protected areas benefit people.



To Move Towards A More Open Science, We Must Free The Data

A survey of environmental research shows only 26 percent of the projects made their data accessible, despite data-sharing requirements from funders. In this commentary, lead author Jessica Couture urges data sharing for open science.



Podcast: How Synthesis Shapes a Scientist

What experiences have shaped your perspective on science?

Ecologists Elizabeth Borer and John Drake share how their time as postdocs at NCEAS in the early years of ecological synthesis has influenced their work and perspectives on science. 



Maya Almaraz

Scott Mortensen

Cristina Sparks

Derek Strong


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