Open Science for Synthesis: Gulf Research Program

Training in Open Science Enables Synthetic Science within the Gulf Research Program

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The Big Picture: Oceans and Optimism under Climate Change

Five experts share big insights and hopes for thriving oceans in this 'roundtable-style' Q&A, the first in a series called The Big Picture.



How to Spark Joy in the Groan Zone of Collaboration

Before reaching consensus on solutions, collaborations of diverse experts must navigate through the challenging, often uncomfortable Groan Zone. In this commentary, senior fellow and professional facilitator Carrie Kappel offers some advice on how to turn the groan zone into a growth zone.



Rare Species May Have Underestimated Value to Human Life

Conserving some rare species may help us hedge bets against climate change and protect human well-being. A new study by a synthesis working group from the Long-Term Ecological Research Network presents a research agenda to uncover the benefits of rare species to people.



How We're Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Science

A Letter from the Director

NCEAS is working hard to help build and support diverse and inclusive scientific communities. Our Director shares the recent steps we have taken.



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Register Now for New Course in Data Science Fundamentals for Synthesis

Our new five-day immersion course “Reproducible Research Techniques for Synthesis” is open to environmental researchers across career levels and sectors. Scheduled to run quarterly, the first session will take place August 5-9, 2019 at NCEAS in Santa Barbara, CA.



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