Gage Clawson

How Big Data and Team Science Are Helping Hawaii Navigate toward Sustainable Oceans

By connecting data and people, two teams of scientists are achieving the difficult task of applying their science to on-the-ground management, while helping Hawaii meet its goals for sustainable marine resources.



Figure for Thought: When is Conservation the Right Tool to Stop the Flood?

Assessing whether conservation is appropriate for improving water quality and reducing flood risk in cities is not easy. A research team from the Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) has provided some first steps for decision makers considering natural infrastructure solutions in Latin America's growing cities, with implications that extend broadly to urban areas worldwide.



NCEAS Portrait: Ted Schuur Connects the Arctic to Our Everyday Lives

What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic. In this NCEAS Portrait, we asked ecologist Ted Schuur how synthesis science informs his research on Arctic permafrost and the global climate.



Lesley Atwood

Whitney Friedman

A Phase of Bold Growth

A Letter from the Director

NCEAS is in a phase of bold growth. Here's a sneak preview of one expansion that will support the next generation of environmental scientists.



Podcast: Alaska's Exceptional Salmon Data

A massive dataset and a set of rural communities are helping to sustain salmon and a way of life of many Alaskans. Those are just two of the stories of Alaska's exceptional salmon data, told in this podcast edition of NCEAS Portraits featuring our State of Alaska's Salmon and People project.



The Ocean Health Index Partners with Esri to Strengthen Links between Ocean Data and Management

Through the creation of online data hubs, this partnership will help governments and scientists make targeted improvements to regional marine environments.  



Joanne Yue


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