Applying to a Postdoctoral Fellowship? Consider NCEAS as your host institution


“NCEAS is one of the best things NSF ever did. It has been an astonishing incubator of creativity -- a place where ideas are born, tested, nourished, transformed, and shared.”

-- Dr. Jane Lubchenco, former NOAA Administrator

If your academic interest includes topics in ecological or environmental systems, and if you are eager to delve into the data science methods that produce innovative research in these fields, then NCEAS may be the host site for you. The center hosts NSF Postdoctoral Fellows in Biology, UC Presidential Fellows, UCSB Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellows, Smith Fellows and more. 

At NCEAS you gain access to the infrastructure, scientific community, and research methods that have made it a success. Benefits include:

  • Fellowship-specific support and guidance through the application process
  • expert mentorship in synthesis science and environmental data science, exciting fields that provide opportunities for innovation and career advancement
  • computational infrastructure that outperforms most university departments
  • in-house trainings in synthesis science, data science and science communication
  • opportunities to join synthesis working groups and maximize co-authorship
  • a stimulating and supportive postdoc community

NCEAS became the world’s first synthesis science research center when launched in 1995 by a groundbreaking grant from NSF. The center has helped transform ecological science - its success catalyzed a cultural shift that has made synthesis science and data sharing commonplace, and its publications and research outcomes have impacted policy and management decisions around the world. Over 130 resident postdoc fellows participated in this groundbreaking research, and many are now global leaders in ecology and environmental science.

Please see this flyer for more details about NCEAS’ assets as a host site, FAQs, and application support. If you have additional questions or needs, contact scarborough [at] (Courtney Scarborough).

"Being a postdoc at NCEAS was great for my career. I enjoyed chance encounters with a diverse group of scientists and practitioners who came through NCEAS for working groups. One such encounter led to a collaborative project, which led me directly to a new academic appointment at ASU!"

-- Samantha H. Cheng, PhD
Assistant Research Professor at the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Arizona State University
Postdoctoral Fellow at NCEAS, 2016-2017