NCEAS Product 15020

Birkland, Thomas; Burby, Ray; Conrad, David; Cortner, Hanna J.; Michener, William K. 2003. River ecology and flood hazard mitigation. Natural Hazards Review. Vol: 4(1). Pages 46-54. (Abstract) (Online version)


Flooding remains the most common and one of the most costly categories of natural hazards in the United States. His the United States has relied on structural mitigation, insurance, and disaster relief to mitigate the harm done by floods. H experience has shown that structural mitigation and related policies can fail to protect lives and property while also contributin degradation of the riverine environment. We review flood hazard mitigation policy, describe some of the environmental damage as with current policies, and review current policy proposals to outline ways to mitigate the flood hazard without promoting catas losses and environmental damage.