NCEAS Product 22143

Schnitzer, Stefan A.; Burnham, Robyn J.; Bongers, Frans; Chave, Jérôme; Clark, David; DeWalt, Saara J.; Ewango, Corneille E.N.; Fine, Paul V. A.; Foster, Robin; Gerwing, Jeffrey J.; Kenfack, David; Lohmann, Lucia; Martinez-Ramos, Miguel; Muller-Landau, Helene C.; Parren, Marc; Perez Salicrup, Diego; Putz, Francis E.; Romero Saltos, Hugo; Thomas, Duncan; Webb, Campbell O.; Parthasarathy, Narayanaswa. 2006. Determining pan-tropical patterns of liana distributions from regional datasets. (Abstract) (Online version)


This dataset contains information on the abundance, basal area, and species identity for more than 80,000 lianas from tropical forests located in Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. We have compiled this dataset to determine the distribution of lianas (abundance, biomass, and diversity) across large geographic regions and abiotic gradients throughout the tropics.