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Athanasiadis, I. N.; Villa, Ferdinando; Rizzoli, Andrea M. 2007. Enabling knowledge-based software engineering through semantic object-relational mappings. 4th European Semantic Web Conference. (Abstract) (Online version)


Domain-specific conceptualizations are increasingly specified as formal ontologies, as part of ongoing efforts for enabling the semantic web. However, experience has shown that semantic models and their in-carnations into OWL structures, though powerful for expressing complex abstractions, remain difficult to utilize in conventional software projects. In this paper we present our work for coupling ontologies with conventional domain-centric data models and object-relational persistence. The Semantic Rich Development Architecture methodology is specified for assisting the software developer to build-up enterprise applications, starting from a formal domain specification expressed in OWL. This way, a knowledge-based enterprise development environment is introduced that demonstrates the benefits of coupling ontologies with software development standards.