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Bowers, Shawn; Lin, Kuo-chuan; Ludaescher, Bertram. 2004. On integrating scientific resources through semantic registration. Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM). (Abstract) (Online version)


In many data-centric scientific applications it is common to register datasets and computational services with a federation registry (also commonly called a catalog, directory, or repository). For example, the scientific data-handling system under development in the SEEK project must consider various dataset registries, including: MCAT, for access to SRB-registered datasets Metacat, for KNB-registered datasets DiGIR, for UDDI-registered data and Xanthoria, an XML-based data registry. A challenge for SEEK, and similar efforts such as GEON is to provide uniform access to registries and registered resources, based on emerging Web and grid standards.