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Boone, Christopher G.; Fragkias, Michail. 2012. Connecting environmental justice, sustainability, and vulnerability. Edited by Boone, Christopher G.; Fragkias, Michail Urbanization and Sustainability: Linking Ecology, Environmental Justice, and Global Environmental Change, Human Environment Interactions. Vol: 3. Springer Press. Pages 49-60. (Abstract) (Online version)


Justice is a core yet often ignored principle of sustainability. However, sustainability for some at the expense of others undermines the principles and practice of sustainability as a force for positive change. In this chapter, we argue that sustainability research and practice can benefit from a closer reading of environmental justice scholarship. At the same time, environmental justice can draw on sustainability principles of systems thinking, anticipatory action, and environmental stewardship to strengthen its methods and approaches while broadening its constituency. Vulnerability science can bridge environmental justice and sustainability and can also benefit from the convergence of ideas, principles, and practices of these fields.