NCEAS Product 24931

O'Connor, Mary I.; Holding, Johnna; Kappel, Carrie V.; Duarte, Carlos M.; Brander, Keith; Brown, Christopher J.; Bruno, John F.; Buckley, Lauren B.; Burrows, Michael T.; Halpern, Benjamin S.; Kiessling, Wolfgang; Moore, Pippa J.; Pandolfi, John M.; Parmesan, Camille; Poloczanska, Elvira; Schoeman, David S.; Sydeman, William J.; Richardson, Anthony J. 2015. Strengthening confidence in the climate change impact science. Global Ecology and Biogeography. Vol: 24(1). Pages 64-76. (Abstract) (Online version)


To assess confidence in conclusions about climate‐driven biological change through time, and identify approaches for strengthening confidence scientific conclusions about ecological impacts of climate change.