NCEAS Product 25132

Cao, Yang; Jones, Christopher; Cuevas, Victor; Jones, Matthew B.; Ludaescher, Bertram; McPhillips, Timothy; Missier, Paolo; Schwalm, Christopher; Slaughter, Peter; Vieglais, David A.; Walker, Lauren; Wei, Yaxing. 2016. ProvONE: extending PROV to support the DataONE scientific community. (Abstract) (Online version)


The DataONE federated data network has adopted and extended the PROV model to support the collection, storage, indexing, and user browsing of the provenance of data packages stored in its member nodes. The PROV extension, ProvONE, adds provenance elements (entity and relationships types) for describing process structure alongside the data dependencies that originate from process execution. The ProvONE model was defined in 2015 and its specification is available online, while provenance support based on the model is now (2016) in its pre-production phase.