NCEAS Product 25257

Marsh, David M.; Cosentino, Brad; Jones, Kara; Apodaca, Joseph J; Beard, Karen H.; Bell, Jane Margaret; Bozarth, Christine; Carper, Derrick; Charbonnier, Julie; Dantas, Andreia; Forys, Elizabeth A.; Foster, Miranda; General, Jaquelyn; Genet, Kristen; Hanneken, Macie; Hess, Kyle; Hill, Shane; Iqbal, Faisal; Karraker, Nancy; Kilpatrick, Eran; Langen, Tom A.; Langford, James; Lauer, Katherine; McCarthy, Alison; Neale, Joseph; Patel, Saumya; Patton, Austin; Southwick, Cherie; Stearrett, Nathaniel; Steijn, Nick; Tasleem, Mohammad; Taylor, Joseph; Vonesh, James R. 2017. Effects of roads and land use on frog distributions across spatial scales and regions in the Eastern and Central United States. Diversity and Distributions. Vol: 23. (Abstract) (Online version)


Understanding the scales over which land use affects animal populations is critical for conservation planning, and it can provide information about the mechanisms that underlie correlations between species distributions and land use. We used a citizen science database of anuran surveys to examine the relationship between road density, land use and the distribution of frogs and toads across spatial scales and regions of the United States.