NCEAS Product 25503

Wilson, Jono R.; Revenga, Carmen; Rude, Jeremy. In Prep. FishPath. Online tool/application. (Abstract)


FishPath tool is still in beta version (release date planned for 2019 or late 2018). FishPath is a fisheries management tool that guides the selection of context-appropriate management strategies. FishPath is being developed by fishery scientists and practitioners through a Science for Nature and People (SNAP) working group. The FishPath tool integrates user-specified inputs regarding social, economic, biological, ecological, and governance characteristics of a fishery into a framework for identifying a subset of recommended monitoring, assessment, and management interventions. FishPath is a decision support system that includes fishery questionnaire, cost database, and the Management Strategy Selection Process (an excel-based navigation tool for choosing the appropriate monitoring, assessment, and management measures).