SNAP_Prioritizing investments in green infrastructure to meet urban water security needs in Latin America

Principal Investigators:

Joshua Goldstein, and Elizabeth Tellman

Water stress is an increasing global problem, with as much as 30% of the world’s population facing water shortages on a regular basis. Water stress arises because of growing water withdrawals for both irrigation and drinking water. This is will be exacerbated in the future by both rising demands from the expanding and urbanizing human population and higher evapotranspiration rates driven by global warming. Water scarcity can directly impact human wellbeing, by decreasing sanitation and food security and constraining economic growth in developing... more

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Working Group27th—28th March 2014Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Jeffrey Cowanjcowan@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Joshua Goldsteinjoshuag@stanford.eduStanford University
Peter Kareivapkareiva@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Timm Kroegertkroeger@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Rob McDonnaldrob_mcdonald@TNC.ORGThe Nature Conservancy
Fernando Miralles-WilhelmInter-American Development Bank
Paulo Petryppetry@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Daniel ShemieThe Nature Conservancy
Elizabeth Tellmanbeth.tellman@asu.eduYale University
Fernando Veiga

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