Nature and role of biological legacies

Principal Investigators:

Jerry F. Franklin

The complex interactions between disturbances and ecosystems are important current topics in ecological science. Disturbances of various types, intensities, frequencies, and sizes have very different consequences in terms of intermediate impacts and recovery processes. One of the important variables among disturbances is the biological legacies--types and quantities of organisms and organically-derived structures and patterns--that are left behind. As described by James MacMahon, disturbances can be viewed as processes that edit out different... more

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Journal Article Franklin, Jerry F.; MacMahon, James A. 2000. Messages from a mountain. Science. Vol: 288. Pages 1183-1185. (Online version)
Journal Article Franklin, Jerry F.; Lindenmayer, D. B.; MacMahon, James A.; McKee, Art; Magnuson, John; Perry, D.; Waide, Robert B.; Foster, David R. 2000. Threads of continuity. Conservation Biology in Practice. Vol: 1. Pages 9-16. (Online version)
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