Biggest Bang for the Buck: Really melding demographic theory with economics

Principal Investigators:

Gardner M. Brown, Peter Kareiva, and Mark L. Plummer

Because society has limited resources, the recovery of endangered species must contend with scarcity. Ecologists may be able to identify a host of beneficial management actions, but economics resources (and political will) are rarely sufficient to pursue all of those actions. An important question to address, then, is the following: Among the many possible actions that can aid the recovery of a species, which ones should be given higher priority? In practice, these decisions are informed by an ad hoc mixture of biological data, demographic theory,... more

Participants and Meetings

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Working Group5th—10th October 2000Participant List  
Working Group5th—11th February 2001Participant List  
Working Group23rd—26th January 2002Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Barbara Bestbbest@u.washington.eduUniversity of Washington
Gardner M. Browngbrown@u.washington.eduUniversity of Washington
Ted Casecase@biomail.ucsd.eduUniversity of California, San Diego
Donna Darmdonna.darm@noaa.govUnknown
Daniel Goodmangoodman@rapid.msu.montana.eduMontana State University
Wade L. Griffinwgriffin@tamu.eduTexas A and M University
Selina S. HeppellSelina.Heppell@oregonstate.eduOregon State University
Daniel D. Hupperthuppert@u.washington.eduUnknown
Peter Kareivapkareiva@ioes.ucla.eduNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Jim Kramerjimkramer@mindspring.comUnknown
Michelle McCluremichelle.mcclure@noaa.govNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Mark L. Plummermark.plummer@noaa.govDiscovery Institute
Amy RobinsonNOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
Mary Ruckelshausmary.ruckelshaus@stanford.eduNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
James Wilenwilen@primal.ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis
Hal Caswellhcaswell@whoi.eduWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Danelle Heatwoledanelle.heatwole@noaa.govNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
James Regetzregetz@gmail.comPrinceton University
Michael H. Schiewemichael.schiewe@noaa.govUnknown
Timothy Beechietim.beechie@noaa.govNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Blake Feistblake.feist@noaa.govNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
George PessGeorge.Pess@noaa.govNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
E. A. Steelasteel@fs.fed.usNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

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