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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

The following information is for working group participants seeking reimbursement.

If you have not already done so, please fill out the demographics form and submit it with your completed reimbursement package. If you have filled out the demographics form in the past, you can disregard this step.

All customized travel reimbursement packets are sent by e-mail. If you did not receive your customized travel reimbursement packet, please contact


Meal Receipts

For UCSB employees, PLEASE RETAIN AND SUBMIT ALL MEAL RECEIPTS, Breakfast and lunch is not reimbursable, only group dinners can be reimbursed. Once reimbursement packet is submitted someone will reach out about with instructions on creating report in Concur. You will also need to retain receipts for all incidental expenses incurred.

For all other working group participants, please fill out the meal log (included in the personalized travel reimbursement packet) and retain and submit all receipts for incidental expenses incurred (meal receipts not required).

Transportation, Lodging, Etc.

You will need to retain receipts for all incidental expenses incurred. Including but not limited to transportation, lodging, registration, etc. Rental cars will NOT be reimbursed without PRIOR APPROVAL. Any taxi's/rideshare expenses are reimbursable to and from your home to the airport and from the airport to NCEAS/hotel.

Foreign travel

Any receipts or payments submitted that are foreign currency will be converted to USD using the OANDA currency conversion on the date of the receipt.

Personal car mileage

Please include the vehicle license plate number and a map, indicating mileage to and from the destination.

Common Questions

Travel FAQs

Receiving your reimbursement

For international participants (Wire and Foreign Documents)

If you have a non-US bank account or would like to receive your reimbursement in a currency other than USD, please fill out the wire transfer form. You must fill this form out every time you request reimbursement via wire transfer. This should be turned in with your reimbursement, after your trip has concluded.

If you are a non-US-Citizen, please fill out the Non-US Citizen form and provide a copy of your visa and/or passport. You will need to turn these into the office before your trip has completed. You can bring the copies to Jessica Espinosa in the front office.

**Please note that only Non-US citizen forms should be turned in prior to the end of your trip. All other forms should be turned in once trip has been completed.**

Please contact should you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.