Republishing Guidelines

In the spirit of our support for open science, we publish our stories and commentaries under the terms of Creative Commons’ Attribution-No Derivatives license. This means you are welcome to republish our stories for free, provided you abide by the following rules:

  • Please credit the writer, ideally in the byline.
  • Please attribute the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) as the original source, including a link to the original NCEAS article at the beginning of the repost.
  • Do not edit the material, except to reflect relative changes in editorial style. If you do need to make such edits, please contact NCEAS’ communications officer, seifert [at] (Jenny Seifert), for approval.
  • You may post just the beginning of an article with a link to NCEAS to continue reading.
  • Do not sell our material, but you may put our material on pages with ads.
  • Please do not systematically republish all of our content.
  • Images and other visuals are not included in this license.

Please send an email to NCEAS’ communications officer, seifert [at] (Jenny Seifert), with a link to the republished article on your site.

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