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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Presentation in NCEAS lounge on Alaskan Salmon

Roundtable is a weekly series of informal presentations and discussions on a wide variety of topics related to current work happening at NCEAS. Roundtables are open to the public, but are often geared toward a scientific audience.

When: Wednesdays, from 12:15am to 1:00pm

Where: NCEAS Lounge, 1021 Anacapa, Suite 300 Santa Barbara, CA

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Wednesday, October 5

Disturbance accelerates climate-driven range shifts in trees of the western US

Katie Nigro
Colorado State University

Climate change is projected to cause shifts in tree species distributions, but the ability of trees to track current changes in climate is uncertain. Disturbances may provide a catalyst for tree species range shifts by reducing competition and creating needed microsite conditions. In this talk, I will discuss how fire vs. insect outbreaks impact range shifts of tree species in the western US through analysis of a large dataset and a complementary field study of trembling aspen in southern Colorado.

Dynamics of post-masting recruitment in a hot drought

Diana Macias

University of New Mexico

The long-term stability and resilience of our forests depends on tree reproduction, but different reproductive strategies have varying implications for regeneration. Using a long-term reproduction dataset and newly germinated seedlings data on Pinus edulis, we asked (1) Do super-masting trees have greater recruitment? (2) What predicts seedling survival after a mast year? In this talk, I will show how seeds faced long odds and discuss the vulnerability of early life stages to climate change.