Science at NCEAS

Since 1995, NCEAS has supported over 500 projects addressing wide-ranging scientific questions in ecology and environmental sciences.

NCEAS Science Highlights

Science Highlights

While only a sampling of our work, a significant body of influential, highly-cited research has been produced in the following thematic areas:

About NCEAS Science

Collaborative Knowledge: Humanity’s social and ecological challenges have become so complex and intertwined that they require interdisciplinary, collaborative knowledge and response, rather than individual research or action.

New Ideas, Not New Data: Rather than collecting new data in the laboratory or field, NCEAS adds value by integrating existing datasets and models, and combining different perspectives and methods, to create new scientific insights.

Productive and Respected: NCEAS has earned a reputation as one of the most productive and impactful science institutions in the world, delivering impartial science to address critical decisions on global environmental issues.

Innovative Working Groups: NCEAS does not rely on permanent research faculty. Our innovation stems from a global network of thousands of researchers. Through open Calls for Proposals NCEAS solicits project ideas for working groups focused on the most pressing environmental questions.


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