Research at NCEAS

Our global network of researchers conducts transformational science focused on informing solutions that will allow people and nature to thrive.

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Previous Research

Since 1995, over 600 working groups have tackled critical questions across a variety of environmental themes to help advance knowledge and solutions. Here is a sampling of their discoveries by theme, or view our full project archive.


Our Research Approach

Solutions-oriented science: We conduct and enable basic and applied scientific research with results that can inform decisions about addressing urgent environmental challenges.

New ideas, not new data: We don’t collect new data from the field or lab, but discover new insights from existing data through an approach called synthesis science.

Open science: We are committed to supporting an open scientific culture, in which data transparency and reproducibility enhance the utility and integrity of scientific knowledge.

Strength in diversity: Understanding the complexity of environmental challenges requires collaboration among diverse experts, and enabling such collaboration through working groups is central to our approach.

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