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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Project Description

The impetus for this workshop is the importance that environmental economists understand better what biodiversity is and how it functions and contributes to goods and services that society values. Economists also need to know better whether and in what ways market and non-market mechanisms can realize some of the economic value of biodiversity, and provide incentives for its conservation. To progress on these goals, in April 2000, the convenors invited a select group of economists working in related areas to prepare papers on the subject for presentation at the workshop. We have also arranged for these papers to be published in a special issue of the journal Resource and Energy Economics. It is important to emphasize that this is a novel research area; consequently, we have given authors approximately a year to develop their ideas, culminating in a workshop to be held in the Spring of 2001. Because of the unusual nature of the topic, it would seem highly productive to expose authors to working versions of all the papers as well as discussion. Furthermore, we hope to involve ecologists as discussants in order to assure realistic representation of non-economics processes. As an incentive, the papers will ultimately be refereed and published (assuming the refereeing process is positive) in one of the leading field journals in the environmental and resource economics field: Resource and Energy Economics.

Principal Investigator(s)

Charles Kolstad, Geoffrey Heal

Project Dates

Start: May 11, 2001

End: May 13, 2001



Paul R. Armsworth
James Cook University
William Brock
University of Wisconsin
Linda Fernandez
University of California, Riverside
Wayt Gibbs
Scientific American
Geoffrey Heal
Columbia University
Klaus Nehring
University of California, Davis
Alexander Pfaff
Columbia University
Stephen Polasky
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Chad Settle
University of Tulsa
Jason Shogren
University of Wyoming
R. David Simpson
Resources for the Future
Arthur Small
Columbia University


  1. Journal Article / 2004

    An introduction to biodiversity concepts for environmental economists

  2. Journal Article / 2004

    Management of interacting species: Regulation under nonlinearities and hysteresis

  3. Journal Article / 2004

    Dynamic reserve site selection

  4. Journal Article / 2004

    Economics of biodiversity: An introduction

  5. Journal Article / 2004

    Genetic diversity and interdependent crop choices in agriculture

  6. Journal Article / 2004

    Special issue on the economics of biodiversity

  7. Journal Article / 2004

    Enforcement, payments, and development projects near protected areas: How the market setting determines what works where

  8. Journal Article / 2004

    Modelling phylogenetic diversity

  9. Journal Article / 2004

    Hyperbolic discounting and time inconsistency in a native-exotic species conflict