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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Project Description

Effective and efficient fisheries management is often limited by available information and the high cost of collecting detailed fisheries data. Information gaps and management challenges often exist, for example, with regard to assessing stock size and dynamics, the spatial distribution of harvest given particular policies, and monitoring and enforcement of bycatch standards. This workshop, organized by the Sustainable Fisheries Group at UCSB, seeks to develop analytical innovations to deal with these challenges, with the goals of improving fishery value, compliance, accountability, and sustainability and minimizing management costs. Workshop participants will aim to identify theoretical and analytical advances in fishery management, including limited-information fisheries, with particular emphasis on: 1) spatial management approaches, 2) incentive-based management, 3) stock assessment and management under uncertainty, and 4) multi-species management. Participants will discuss the conditions under which these theoretical innovations could be practically useful in fisheries management, the benefits from applying them, and opportunities for further advances. The workshop organizers will work with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a leading conservation organization, to ensure that the results from this workshop are shared widely and utilized to improve on-the-ground fisheries reform.

Principal Investigator(s)

Christopher Costello

Project Dates

Start: June 8, 2009

End: June 10, 2009



Richard B. Allen
Environmental Defense Fund
Ragnar Arnason
University of Iceland
Kristin Carden
University of California, Santa Barbara
Christopher Costello
University of California, Santa Barbara
Robert Deacon
University of California, Santa Barbara
Patty Debenham
Environmental Defense Center
Rod M. Fujita
Environmental Defense Fund
Steven D. Gaines
University of California, Santa Barbara
Corbett A. Grainger
University of California, Santa Barbara
Theodore Groves
University of California, San Diego
Ray Hilborn
University of Washington
Kristen T. Honey
Stanford University
Larry Karp
University of California, Berkeley
Brian P. Kinlan
University of California, Santa Barbara
Hunter S. Lenihan
University of California, Santa Barbara
Sarah E. Lester
University of California, Santa Barbara
John Lynham
University of Hawaii, Mānoa
Alec D. MacCall
NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
John M. Melack
University of California, Santa Barbara
Frank Merry
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Lars J. Olson
University of Maryland, College Park
Ana Maria Parma
Centro Nacional Patagónico (CENPAT)
Jeremy Prince
Murdoch University
Diane Regas
Environmental Defense Fund
Wolfram Schlenker
Columbia University
Andrew Solow
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
George Sugihara
University of California, San Diego
Gil Sylvia
Oregon State University
Quinn Weninger
Iowa State University
Kate Wing
Natural Resources Defense Council


  1. Journal Article / 2010

    Marine Reserves Special Feature: The value of spatial information in MPA network design

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