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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Project Description

It seems like a simple question. Does biodiversity loss cause productivity loss? Most experiments to test the question are done on small plots. Scaling up to natural ecosystems introduces complications that could tip the balance toward a stronger—or a weaker—relationship. Drawing on data from biodiversity experiments at multiple LTERs and global observational and experimental networks, the Biodiversity and Productivity working group asks what role time scales, spatial scales, type of experiment, and ecosystem type have on the strength of this key relationship.

Working Group Participants

Principal Investigator(s)

Forest Isbell, Laura E. Dee, Jane Ditmer

Project Dates

Start: April 17, 2017

End: March 1, 2019



Meghan L. Avolio
National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)
Jarrett E. Byrnes
University of Massachusetts-Boston
Adam Clark
German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
Laura E. Dee
University of Minnesota
Jane Ditmer
University of Minnesota
Maria Dornelas
University of St. Andrews
Andrew Gonzalez
McGill University
Yann Hautier
Universiteit Utrecht
Andrew Hector
University of Zurich
Forest Isbell
University of Minnesota
Kimberly J. Komatsu
University of California, Berkeley
Michel Loreau
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Akira Mori
Yokohama National University
Tim Newbold
University College London
Mary I. O'Connor
University of British Columbia
Charlotte Outhwaite
University College London
Peter B. Reich
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Eric W. Seabloom
University of Minnesota
Melinda D. Smith
Colorado State University
Patrick L. Thompson
University of British Columbia
Laura Williams
University of Minnesota
Alexandra J. Wright
California State University, Los Angeles


  1. Journal Article / 2019

    When Do Ecosystem Services Depend on Rare Species?

  2. Journal Article / 2020

    Set ambitious goals for biodiversity and sustainability

  3. Journal Article / 2020

    Scaling-up biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research

  4. Journal Article / 2020

    General destabilizing effects of eutrophication ongrassland productivity at multiple spatial scales

  5. Journal Article / 2018

    Quantifying effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning across times and places

  6. Presentations / 2018

    Scaling-up productivity responses to changes in biodiversity

  7. Journal Article / 2022

    Expert perspectives on global biodiversity loss and its drivers and impacts on people

  8. Journal Article / 2018

    B-Diversity, Community Assembly, and Ecosystem Functioning

  9. Journal Article / 2021

    Biodiversity–productivity relationships are key to nature-based climate solutions

  10. Journal Article / 2021

    Grand challenges in biodiversity--ecosystem functioning research in the era of science--policy platforms require explicit consideration of feedbacks

  11. Journal Article / 2018

    The strength of the biodiversity-ecosystem function relationship depends on spatial scale

  12. Journal Article / 2021

    Biotic homogenization destabilizes ecosystem functioning by decreasing spatial asynchrony

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