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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Project Description

What factors most affect the stability of ecosystems? Previous research has identified a few major factors (dispersal, niche differentiation, and habitat heterogeneity) as being important in recovery from disturbance. But researchers don’t know whether these factors confer stability over long time scales or across ecosystem types. Using datasets from across the LTER Network, the working group is assessing how the strongly each of these factors influences stability at different levels of disturbance and how the relationship changes over space and time.

Working Group Participants

Principal Investigator(s)

Eric R. Sokol, Christopher M. Swan, Nathan Wisnoski

Project Dates

Start: September 1, 2016

End: December 30, 2018



Riley Andrade
Arizona State University
Colin Averill
Boston University
Jesse Blanchard
Florida International University
Dorothy Borowy
University of Maryland
Bryan L. Brown
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Max Castorani
University of Virginia
Chris Catano
Aldo Compagnoni
Rice University
Lauren M. Hallett
University of Colorado, Boulder
Benjamin C. Jantzen
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
David S. Johnson
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Michael Kendrick
University of Alabama
John S. Kominoski
Florida International University
Thomas Lamy
University of California, Santa Barbara
Nina Lany
Dartmouth College
Luca Marazzi
Florida International University
Thomas E.X. Miller
Rice University
Sydne Record
Bryn Mawr College
Daniel C. Reed
University of California, Santa Barbara
Jennifer S. Rehage
Florida International University
Rolando Santos
Florida International University
Eric R. Sokol
University of Colorado, Boulder
Marko Spasojevic
University of California, Irvine
Christopher M. Swan
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Shawn D. Taylor
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Jonathan Tonkin
Oregon State University
Nicole Voelker
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Michael R. Willig
University of Connecticut
Nathan Wisnoski
Indiana University
Phoebe Zarnetske
Michigan State University


  1. Journal Article / 2021

    Novel Insights to Be Gained From Applying Metacommunity Theory to Long-Term, Spatially Replicated Biodiversity Data

  2. Presentations / 2018

    Using Long Term Data to Understand Links between Environmental Variability and Metacommunity Stability

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