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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Project Description

One of the most acute challenges for ocean nations and coastal communities is food security, including sustaining wild capture fisheries in a time of rapid and profound change in the oceans and in the global food sector. Palau’s commitment to protect ocean ecosystems and resources for its people, demonstrated in a 2020 policy to close 80% of its EEZ, provides an unprecedented opportunity to take a systems approach to tackling this complex and urgent challenge. The Government of Palau has asked us to convene a working group to synthesize existing research and create a portfolio of policy and management options supporting food security and marine resource sustainability in the context of the new closure. The proposed working group will be guided by a policy committee of ministers and other senior government policymakers from Palau and other Pacific Island nations to ensure that its work meets the needs and priorities of government decision-making and develops avenues for impact at scale, within the broader western Pacific region.

Working Group Participants

Principal Investigator(s)

Fiorenza Micheli, Yimnang Golbuu, Jim Leape

Project Dates

Start: January 1, 2019

End: December 31, 2019



Natalie S. Arnoldi
Stanford University
Umai Basilius
Palau Conservation Society
Annadel Cabanban
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Kevin Chand
Stanford University
Patrick J. Christie
University of Washington
Collin Closek
Hopkins Marine Station
Javier Cuetos-Bueno
The Nature Conservancy
Valerie Cummins
University College Cork
Angela N. Doerr
Stanford University
Robert B. Dunbar
Stanford University
Sebastian Ferse
University of Bremen
Alan M. Friedlander
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Chris Funk
Colorado State University
Jessica Gephart
University of Maryland
Alfredo Girón
University of California, Santa Barbara
Yimnang Golbuu
Palau International Coral Reef Center
Eric Hartge
Stanford University
Lucie Hazen
Stanford University
Alistair Hobday
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)
Noah Idechong
Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism
David Idip
Palau Automated Land and Resource Information System Office
Vanessa Jaiteh
Coral Reef Research Foundation
Philip James
The Pacific Community (SPC)
Stacy D. Jupiter
Wildlife Conservation Society
Emily Kelly
Stanford University
Jim Leape
Stanford University
Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Staci Lewis
Stanford University
Steve Lindfield
Coral Reef Research Foundation
John Lynham
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Fiorenza Micheli
Stanford University
Joleen Ngoriakl
Koror State Government
Nick Ngwal
Palau National Marine Sanctuary
Kirsten L.L. Oleson
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Persis Omelau
Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism
Kevin Rhodes
Robert H. Richmond
University of Hawaii
Keobel Sakuma
Palau International Coral Reef Center
Joyce Samuelu Ah Leong
Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA)
Erin Satterthwaite
University of California, Santa Barbara
F. Umiich Sengebau
Palau Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism
Kathleen Sisior
Government of Palau
Craig Starger
Future Earth
Joshua Tewksbury
Future Earth
Yvonne Ueda
The Nature Conservancy
Juan Carlos Villasenor-Derbez
University of California, Santa Barbara
Colette Wabnitz
University of British Columbia
Mark Zimring
The Nature Conservancy
Anna Zivian
Ocean Conservancy


  1. Report or White Paper / 2019

    Palau’s National Marine Sanctuary: Managing Ocean Change and Supporting Food Security

  2. Journal Article / 2021

    Sustainable fisheries are essential but not enough to ensure well-being for the world's fishers

  3. Presentations / 2020

    Fisheries Connectivity Networks to Measure the Adaptive Capacity of Small-Scale Fisheries in Baja, Mexico

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