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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Project Description

Scientific abstract: Climate is a major driver of the geographic distribution and abundance of salmon. Climate change is occurring globally, yet there has been no organized effort to evaluate the potential effects of climate change on salmon and their ecosystems. Sufficient data and expertise exist to conduct such an assessment. Developing and implementing a process to synthesize the data is the critical step toward achieving this evaluation. The Steering Committee for this project provides guidance and oversight for multidisciplinary, collaborative analyses and syntheses of existing data on the potential effects of climate change on Pacific salmon.

Principal Investigator(s)

Erica Fleishman

Project Dates

Start: January 11, 2007

End: January 12, 2007



Xan Augerot
Pangaea Environmental, LLC
Erica Fleishman
University of California, Santa Barbara
Nathan J. Mantua
University of Washington
Omar J. Reichman
University of California, Santa Barbara
Daniel E. Schindler
University of Washington
Michael Webster
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation


  1. Journal Article / 2008

    Climate change, ecosystem impacts, and management for Pacific salmon