Data Science Fellows Program


Data Science Fellows are in residence at NCEAS for 8-12 months and work closely with data and informatics teams to solve data and software issues relating to environmental science, to undertake research related to open data infrastructure and practice, and/or to support outreach designed to enhance awareness of reproducible research. As part of these activities fellows document and archive important ecological, physical, and social science data from research projects focused on environmental issues in the Arctic, create new learning and outreach materials, or publish new collaborative research. This practicum-style program gives fellows the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills needed to manage national-scale data repositories.

Information on the Data Science Fellows experience from the perspective of previous fellows can be found here.
Data fellows gain:
  • Programming skills, including skills in new data management tools and languages
  • Exposure to the day-to-day activities of managing national-scale data repositories
  • Data science research, development and outreach experience with the NCEAS informatics team
  • A deep understanding of data management and software for data systems
  • Experience working with a team passionate about environmental data science