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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

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Our collection of academic publications and other research products reflects the discoveries and scientific advancements made by our working groups, postdoctoral scholars, and resident scientists.

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  1. 2021 / Publications

    Aquatic foods to nourish nations

  2. 2021 / Publications

    The overlooked importance of food disadoption for the environmental sustainability of new foods

  3. 2021 / Publications

    Social Effectiveness and Human-Wildlife Conflict: Linking the Ecological Effectiveness and Social Acceptability of Livestock Protection Tools

  4. 2021 / Publications

    Patterns and trends of organic matter processing and transport: Insights from the US long-term ecological research network

  5. 2021 / Publications

    Spatial overlap of wildfire and biodiversity in California highlights gap in non-conifer fire research and management

  6. 2021 / Publications

    The spatial synchrony of species richness and its relationship to ecosystem stability

  7. 2021 / Publications

    Geospatial genetics: Integrating genetics into marine protection and spatial planning

  8. 2021 / Publications

    Determinants of community compositional change are equally affected by global change