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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

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Our collection of academic publications and other research products reflects the discoveries and scientific advancements made by our working groups, postdoctoral scholars, and resident scientists.

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  1. 2021 / Publications

    Scenario analysis can guide aquaculture planning to meet sustainable future production goals

  2. 2021 / Publications

    Operationalizing the net-negative carbon economy

  3. 2021 / Publications

    Grand challenges in biodiversity--ecosystem functioning research in the era of science--policy platforms require explicit consideration of feedbacks

  4. 2020 / Publications

    Minimising the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in an intact landscape under risk of rapid agricultural development

  5. 2020 / Publications

    Research Priorities for Achieving Healthy Marine Ecosystems and Human Communities in a Changing Climate

  6. 2020 / Publications

    Social Factors Key to Landscape-Scale Coastal Restoration: Lessons Learned from Three U.S. Case Studies