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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

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Advancing Ecology and Environmental Data Science for a More Just and Equitable Future

Since 2021, NCEAS has hosted our annual Environmental Data Science seminar. The series, which is recorded and open to the public, typically features three speakers who share their research approaches and findings as they relate to the intersections of ecology, environmental data science, equity, and environmental justice. This seminar series was motivated by conversations about how we at NCEAS can foster diversity and inclusion within our scientific community, while also designing research questions and approaches to promote environmental justice and equity across our broader community. 

Poster of the DEIJ 2024 Seminar Series.

2024 Seminar Series Details

  • 2021 Seminar Series

    Read and watch our 2021 seminar series, which featured Gillian Bowser, Christopher Schell, and Lydia Jennings.

  • 2022 Seminar Series

    Read and watch our 2022 seminar series, which featured Joan Roughgarden, Christie Bahlai, and Brandon Ogbunu.

  • 2023 Seminar Series

    Read more about our invited 2023 seminar speakers: Sara Bombaci, Sara Cannon, and Grace Wu.