Arctic Data Center

Principal Investigator(s): 

Matthew Jones, Sheekela Baker-Yeboah, Amber Budden, Jeff Dozier, and Mark Schildhauer

Photo: Bureau of Land Management

The Arctic Data Center is the primary data and software repository for the Arctic section of the National Science Foundation’s Polar Programs. It links all NSF-funded science in the Arctic by preserving data, metadata, software, and documents in a reproducible and accessible way, allowing scientists to preserve, share, and integrate data from a wide array of research groups, field stations, and laboratories.

The Arctic Data Center also offers remote technical and informational support for research participants who are managing large quantities of data, as well as hands-on trainings at conferences and workshops that are focused on long-term, open source data management.

In addition, the ADC supports synthesis working groups that analyze and synthesize Arctic data to address relevant, big-picture issues.

NCEAS is a collaborator on this project along with DataONE and the National Centers for Environmental Information at NOAA. Each contributes expertise in open source data science, data management, and data repositories.

Learn more on the Arctic Data Center website.

Synthesis Working Groups

The Permafrost Carbon Synthesis Working Group is examining how permafrost thaw will affect the rate at which global warming progresses. The carbon stored in Arctic permafrost is thought to contain about twice as much carbon as the atmosphere, and has the capacity to release tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. The Permafrost Carbon Synthesis working group aims to answer two main questions:

1) How does the magnitude of carbon release from the permafrost zone change over time (seasonally, inter-annually)?

2) What drives seasonal variation in carbon release?

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